Please note: Construction is currently is Stages 4 and 5

We have progressed into the 5th and final stage of roadway for the reconstruction project. With having multiple crews on the site now we are closing the gap to being back onto schedule, weather permitting, to hit the November 15th completion date.

Everyone needs to  EXTRA cautious going through this area!!! This is going to be very tight working/ driving quarters.

As the crews move forward the tentative plan is to get the temporary driving lane that was built in phase 5 paved early this week and fine tune things in that phase to get traffic flow ready for the work in phase 5.

To keep the project moving forward removals in Phase 5 and utilities in phase 5 may start sooner on the north side of the roadway but traffic flow will stay the same as it is now until the contractor can open the road to traffic in Phase 3 and 4. At that time the crews will switch to the south side of the road in phase 5.

So as you can see there are a lot of things going on in a very small area and short time frame. There will be just as many crew members and equipment if not more in the area, so with school starting and everyone’s busy lives PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME AND BE CAUTIOUS! 

Property owners who wish to change their portion of their sewer and water laterals will be able do so after the contractor has completed tying in utilities 1 foot behind the new sidewalk. Listed below are local companies that are aware of & willing to do such projects.

Pat Hughes- 608-369-3155

The Country Plumber- 800-472-7448 or 608-742-2648 

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Underwood Ave Hwy 23 Project Contact information:

Dan St.Pierre: (715)

Dan Holloway: (715) 421-7305